Lecture Videos

Lecture audience wearing 3D Glasses

The Harvard Semitic Museum offers a free annual lecture series open to the public. This series showcases new research presented by world-renowned scholars of the ancient world. Below you will find several of our most recent lectures, presented in full and unedited. Check out our calendar to find out about upcoming lectures.

Lecture Videos

Epic of Gilgamesh by Andrew George - 09/28/16

Mystery Cults and Plagues in Egypt: by Francesco Tiradritti - 04/19/16

Destroying Images: Current Iconoclasm in Context by James Simpson - 03/01/16

Collectors and Dealers: The Trade of Egyptian Antiquities by Kim Ryholt - 04/21/15

Breaking Iconoclasm (Standing Committee on Archaeology Special Roundtable) - 12/02/15

David Gordon Lyon and the Harvard Semitic Museum - 12/04/14

Wine in the Ancient Near East by Andrew Koh and Joseph A. Greene - 10/23/14

A Short History of the Ten Commandments by Michael Coogan - 04/22/14

The Discovery of Pharaoh Senebkay by Josef Wegner - 03/31/14

The Sun Temple of Nefertiti by Jacquelyn Williamson - 02/04/14

Joseph, Potiphar's Wife, and the Jewish Colony in Egypt by Bernd U. Schipper - 12/03/13

Joseph Potiphar's Wife and the Jewish Colony in Egypt

Bernd U. Schipper presents a new take on the biblical story of Joseph. How do we explain the story’s positive image of Egypt, when the Bible usually portrays it as a place of slavery and suffering? This lecture offers a new interpretation of the popular text, with insights from papyri recovered from the site of the Jewish colony of Elephantine in southern Egypt.

Egyptomania by Bob Brier - 11/19/13

Discovering Nefertiti's Artist by Alain Zivie - 10/17/13