Dream Stela

Dream Stela at the Harvard Semitic Museum

From Egypt to Cambridge, this exhibit displays a resin cast of the Dream Stela, the original can be found between the paws of the Great Sphinx. At the top the stela shows expertly carved scenes of the pharaoh making offerings to images of the Sphinx. The story it tells is a romantic one; the young Prince Thutmose IV falls asleep by the Sphinx, who then appears to him in a dream, offering him the throne if he will only liberate the Sphinx from all the sand covering his body.

Using resin casting techniques he developed in 2013, Harvard Semitic Museum assistant curator, Adam Aja, led the reproduction process with Harvard students. While in the gallery, visitors will be able to use an app to see how a three dimensional Sphinx looked during different time periods as well as translations of the Dream Stela's hieroglyphics.

To experience this app, a limited amount of IPads are available at the front desk on a first come, first served basis free of charge.

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